Ferrari F50 Burnout with Two Ferrari F50s

Ferrari F50 burnout, I really don’t have symptahpy to this type of videos. For me, it is childish and makes no-sense. However, there are some exceptions for burnouts! If there are two Ferrari F50s and tied up together with a rope, I call this an exception.

TaxTheRich100 YouTube user uploaded a new video of two Ferrari F50s. These F50s were tied up together and get what they are doing! Reverse burnout. Honestly, this is the most senseless video I have ever seen for a very long time but at the same time, it is interesting.

I have no idea whose Ferrari F50s they are and how they manage to do this. But they did it! And keep in mind, there are only 349 Ferrari F50s made in 1995 and two of them had a very bad burnout.