Givenchy Gentlemen Only | Father’s Day Gift

Gentlemen Only, the most recent perfume from Givenchy for men. I sure you may remember their advertisement campaign featuring Simon Baker getting really wet whilst holding an umbrella to lady next to him. This picture definitely defines the meaning of gentlemen but don’t try it at home :) 
Gentlemen Only is a very fresh perfume, ideal for the summer time. You don’t feel that it is on you but rest of people can feel the Gentlemen. And that’s why I would suggest Givenchy Gentlemen Only as a present for father’s day. 
It is next week and I know many of you will the gift in last minutes. That’s why I am writing this article to avoid your photo finish father’s day present. Go for the Gentlemen Only, it is not only a perfume, but also a statement. However, don’t force your dad to hold an umbrella under the heavy rain!