New BMW 8-Series is Coming Soon…

New BMW 8-Series is coming soon! The iconic grand coupe of 1990s is going to be on market soon. Recently revealed Gran Lusso Coupe concept is the solid proof that BMW is planning to extend the coupe range to up to 8-Series to compete with brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. This may sound crazy but BMW 8-Series hinders a huge potential for the BMW. 
And recently BMW released footage of the BMW 8-Series with author of BMW 8er: Power & Hightech, Niels Hamann. Neils is a real fan of the iconic BMW 8-Series and authored a book about it. He talks about the forgotten beauty of the 8-Series.
And all of a sudden BMW decided to release this video, emphasises the advanced technology 8-Series. Such as; 0.29 aerodynamic drag coefficients, first coupe without B-Pillar, first time standard Dynamic Stability Control. 
I don’t think that BMW wanted to create a romantic bond with 8-Series! They are preparing the foundation to introduce the new 8-Series! They did the same with the 6-Series as well ;)

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