History of Mercedes G-Wagon Video

History of Mercedes G-Wagon. If you are reading my blog, you may have realised that I am not a great fan of Mercedes. Ten years ago, I really like the Mercedes in terms of design but as my ability to judgement evolved. And I found other brands better designed and built, consequently Mercedes is my least favourite German car brand, except one model. G-Wagon is very special for me. I still remember the day the first G-Wagon I saw, I think it was 1985 or 1986. I was four or five years old and the strong look, unique design and reflection of the character impressed me a lot. After that, I deeply loved G-Wagon.

I know G-Wagon is hard to drive, it is not designed for city driving and etc. Many people told me all these stories and their decision was to end up with Range Rover. Yes, Range Rover is very nicely built and drives excellently on road. However, that’s not a G-Wagon. Since 1979, G-Wagon has the same look and improved engineering. As a result of this, I think my brain accepted the G-Wagon like a wild animal and never found it ugly or out-dated. This may sound funny and you may not believe me but this is a scientific fact. We never perceive an animal out-dated!

Anyway, Mercedes UK released footage of G-Wagon to explain its evolution and history. I know myself, one day I will buy a G-Wagon and keep moaning for Mercedes. Because, I consider G-Wagon separately than the Mercedes.

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