Photos of Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan is finally revealed to public. It is the mid-size SUV based on Audi Q5! But it is branded as Porsche, so we will love it! Personally, I don’t like the Audi Q5 but I loved the Macan. Why? Because, that’s a Porsche. It is that simple! And what Macan means? Macan means tiger in Indonesian. 
Anyway, Porsche Macan is powered by two petrol and one diesel engine. Petrol engines are Macan S 3-lt biturbo 340 HP, 5.2 sec to 100 km/h, 254 km/h top speed and Macam Turbo 3.6-lt biturbo 400 HP, 4.6 sec to 100 km/h 266 km/h top speed. The diesel is powered by a 3-lt turbo with 258 HP, 6.1 sec to 100km/h and 230 km/h top speed. All engines are coupled with 7-speed double clutch automatic gearbox for seamless acceleration.
Also, Macan offers off-road experience by touch of a button. The off-road button increases the tension on the clutch, remaps the ABS and traction control. If the Macan is featured with air suspension, it will be raised 40mm. I assume Macan will cope with basic off-road conditions and won’t let you down. There is no low-range gearbox or locking differentials but you really don’t need them unless you go for serious off-road. Also, Macan may use the first gear as a low range like Cayenne does.
And also, you will have torque vectoring for faster cornering, radar guided cruise control, sport chrono pack for faster acceleration and Porsche experience.

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