Louis Vuitton Prefall 2014 Collection (Ready-to-wear, Shoes and Accessories) 1

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2014 collection (Ready-to-wear, Shoes and Accessories) was presented last week in London. The prefall press day started with the rainstorms of London.

This season Louis Vuitton concentrated on luxurious feeling for ski holidays. As you may imagine, the ski holidays are completed with lots of snow and very cold weather, therefore it might be hard to keep your style at all conditions.

However, the Louis Vuitton’s offers a unique style of collection to experience the cold weather without compromising your comfort. Probably the winter boots are the best parts of this collection and you may have a pair high heels for winter as well.

The curvy high heels from Louis Vuitton with pointed toe are one of the most eye-catching bits from the collection as well. Also, the snow boots not only provide stylish look but also, enable you to experience the untouched snow without compromising your style. And lastly, the wood eye-glass is really unique thanks a new material, wood. Wood provides a premium feeling and distinctive look at the same time.