Official Photo of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe (CL-Class)

New Mercedes S-Class Coupe or previous known as CL Coupe official photos are leaked, actually only one photo. As I expected the new S-Class Coupe does not look something really different and preserves the conservative look of Mercedes. Personally, I didn’t fancy the new S-Class Coupe. It looks nice but nothing really really special however, this is how Mercedes designs. Mercedes always try to keep the conservative look. 
So does the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe worth to buy against Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari F12 or Aston Martin Vanquish? Actually yes and no! 
If you are looking for a GT car that offers the highest technology for safety and user interface, go for the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. Because, the S-Class Coupe offers the highest safety technology on automotive world, literally the car can drive by itself if the law permits. Safety technologies of the new S-Class Coupe are amazing but, it may drive a bit boring and does not offer something really different in terms of design and heritage. You will not have the aristocratic feeling of Bentley or the wildness and selfishness of a Ferrari. If you buy the new S-Class Coupe, you will be owning the latest gadget on wheels.
If you are interested, you may find the all new features of the S-Class on this post. Probably, these features will be available with the new S-Class Coupe.
Engines? Probably the S-Class Coupe will not offer any diesel engines and compensate the gap with hybrid models.

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