BMW Vision Future Luxury | The New BMW 7-Series

The new BMW 7-Series based on BMW Vision Future Luxury concept vehicle. BMW recently revealed the photos of their huge luxury concept vehicle and gave some hints for their future product strategy.

And I assume that, Future Luxury concept vehicle will be born as the new 7-Series. Because, 7-Series is the flagship of the BMW and it should provide the latest technology and comfort. Starting with laser light system that will replace the traditional headlight system, OLED interior lighting at the rear, more efficient (as usual), exclusive and elegant exterior design (concept car is hand-made), Rear Seat Touch Command Tablet that extends the ConnectedDrive concept into rear seats, more comprehensive head-up display system and new user interface for the iDrive or ConnectedDrive (It will take longer to change the climate controls heat setting).

My personal view? BMW Vision Future Luxury looks amazing! Attention to details, interior design, materials are exquisite. I think the upcoming 7-Series will be more competitive.

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