New Volvo XC90 Interior Photos

New Volvo XC90 interior photos are revealed few days ago. This time not a facelift, a proper new XC90! In case you are in early twenties, you may vaguely remember the days when the Volvo XC90 was brand new, like 2003!

Volvo experienced many problems, Ford sold to Chinese. They had other problems and etc. As a result of turmoils Volvo decided to shift the product life cycle of XC90 to aviation standards. Such as, never introduce a new one, just facelift it!

Hopefully, those days are gone and we have the new Volvo XC90 but don’t worry I assume it will be on production until 2025 and you will have many opportunities to see it.

Personally, I really like the interior of the new XC90 and it looks way better than the new Range Rover and well-built than Mercedes M-Class. And the iPad style, huge touch screen looks really nice but I hope it will be easy to operate the radio and climate control. I don’t think that Volvo XC90 will be offering any off road ability but you won’t need it at all. I assume, the new Volvo XC90 will be a strong competitor to Range Rover.

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