50 Shades of Grey Trailer by Audi

50 Shades of Grey by Audi. Probably the best trailer of this movie!
50 Shades of Grey is an erotics novel by E. L. James (50). I cannot explain the story of the novel but I am sure you all know it. Even if you are not speaking English at all, I am sure 50 Shades of Grey is translated in your language. Personally, I wondered what was inside this trilogy, because everyone was reading it. I guess people who do not access to XXX websites were the main community. Anyway, I read first two sentences and last sentences and the summary. Guess what happened? I kept reading my GQ!
Anyway, the success of this literature perfection, ended up as a movie. I am sure you watched the trailer on your Facebook wall. Will I watch it? Probably, I may watch it when it is £ 0.99 to rent on iTunes five years later. 
I thought, I was the only person who found this movie really hilarious. Apparently, Audi US team found it really funny as well and they created their own trailer of the 50 Shades of Grey. And that’s why I love the car industry, we have the same sense of humour :)
By the way, Ted 2 movie is more realistic than the 50 Shades of Grey! Sorry for perception.