What You Can Buy with the Apple Pay in UK?

What you can buy with the Apple Pay in UK? According to the leaked news, Apple Pay will be available to use on 14th July in UK. As the date is approaching more details are surfaced, such as the Apple Pay supported retailers.

Here is the list of the UK brands, where you can use your Apple Pay system: Boots, BP, Costa Coffee, KFC, M&S, McDonald’s, Nando’s, New Look, Pret A Manger and of course Apple Stores.

So what you can buy with Apple Pay in UK? Here is the answer;

You can buy St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion from Boots, fuel from BP (First you need a car for the fuel), a lovely small size coffee latte from Costa Coffee, a very healthy Streetwise Lunch Box from KFC, a quite boring Notch Lapel Showerproof Trench Coat from Marks & Spencer, %100 beef Big Mac from Mc Donald’s, chicken wings from Nando’s, a very sexy Animal Print Peep Toe Metal Panel Heels from the New Look, %100 organic coffee from Pret A Manger and an Apple Watch Edition from Apple Store.

Literally when you use your Apple Pay, you will be wearing a fake tane whilst buying petrol from BP and drinking a coffee late from Costa Coffee after eating the Lunch Box from KFC inside a Notch Lapel Showerproof Trench Coat from Marks & Spencer, in the mean while you will be heading to Mc Donald’s for a Big Mac and chicken wings treat at Nando’s, you will also strive for an organic coffee from Pret a Manger and during all this time you will be wearing an animal print high heels from New Look and checking the time from your Apple Watch.

Enjoy :)

Photo Credit | Apple, Marks & Spencer, New Look, St Tropez Tan