Bugatti Chiron

On 21 March, 2116. 100 years from today, when a working Veyron was found inside a garage and placed at an auction at Bonhams in Mayfair, London, the bids will be so high. it will be the top news of the day. Bidders will say, “Veyron was the first mass produced car that generated more than 1000 HP at the beginning of the 21th century.”

Love and Hate! The feeling I am experiencing for the Bugatti’s latest car, Chiron. I couldn’t feel the same excitement, with the Chiron that I felt with the Veyron, and the reason is very simple. Veyron was a ground-breaking car.

It was the first mass-produced car that generates 1001 HP from its W16 petrol engine. Veyron failed many times, but it was a very massive challenge for the Volkswagen Group to make the Veyron. Their engine test facility couldn’t handle the power, and the car failed at a private demonstration event. The deadline of the project was out of control.

Basically, Bugatti Veyron had everything that shouldn’t be on the table for a business. However, we all forgot those days and loved the Veyron. Actually, all those challenges and failed attempts to create a 1001 HP car was part of the game. If the Veyron was built like a Golf with no challenge or failure, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

Whenever I see a Veyron, I always remember the video that Veyron failed during the private demonstration day. However, I never considered that event as a failure. It was the solid proof of pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

Volkswagen pushed so hard to make the Veyron, so they didn’t experience similar failures with the Chiron. I am definitely sure, Bugatti has enough know-how to make their third vehicle with no problem. Lack of failure and sudden perfection makes the Chiron a bad car? Of course not, but it will not be as special, in my eyes, as the Veyron.

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Photo Credits | Bugatti