The Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie and The Ford Focus

Bridget Jones’s Baby and the Ford Focus, what is that you might be asking!

I am 35 years old, single, have been writing a blog for more than six years, and I had Bridget Jones moments in my life (such as wearing a pink shirt at a formal event). Theoretically, I am ticking the boxes for being a Bridget Jones, and more excited for the Bridget Jones Baby than for the iPhone 7. They will both revealed in September.

Before the Bridget Jones’s Baby movie, I decided to refresh my memory and watch both of the Bridget Jones’ movies and recall the days when we had flip phones, no Facebook, and we used landlines (I have no idea where my landline phone is), TV was not in HD, YouTube was had no impact on our lives and The Gherkin in London was literally the only skyscraper in London.

However, we had the legendary, the iconic and the great (I really mean it) Ford Focus. A Ford Focus Ghia hatchback appeared in the Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001 and A Ford Focus (facelifted) Trend hatchback appeared in the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason in 2004. They were both driven by Bridget Jones’s family. The interesting question is why the family chose the Ford Focus Trend (lower spec) in 2004 over the high spec Ghia model. Yes, that’s the question I really need to know. I agree, I’ve messed up the spirit of the movie.

Anyway, as the Bridget Jones movies are full of product placement, top to bottom, are we going to see another Ford Focus in the Bridget Jones Baby movie? Were Bridge Jones’s family loyal to the Ford brand? Did they decide to upgrade to an Audi, or did the Kia steal the show?

Honestly, I have no idea and will ask Ford UK PR on Twitter to help me out. However, I am definitely sure we will have to wait for the answer.

Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 1 Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 2 Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 3 Bridget Jones 2004 Ford Focus 1 Bridget Jones 2004 Ford Focus 2

Photo Credit | Universal Pictures