Alberto Guardiani Lip Stick High-Heeled Pumps

Italian designer Alberto Guardiani, probably you never heard of this designer. However, you may have seen one of his interesting design on internet or on a fashion magazine! The lip stick high heels or more technically, lip stick high-heeled pointy-toe pumps! The design idea is very ordinary, I didn’t find it that exciting. However, the amount of advertisements appearing on my screen and the tweets and the blogs motivated me to write about it.

Basically, Alberto Guardiani lip stick high-heeled pumps offer 11.5 cm-heel and lip stick inspired heels and for £484! You may think, the lip stick section is the eye-catching point! However, when the lip stick heels are combined with metallic grey, the result is beyond your imagination!

If you are planning to shine like a star and create a remarkable presence to any place, Alberto Guardini heels are the answer.

In case, people started to have weird facial reactions, just blame me :) And where do I find this content? Google Advertisements, you click one website and Google assumes that, you have just won the lotto and will buy the whole store.

Lily Allen wearing Alberto Guardiani Black Lip Stick High Heels
Photos Credits
LuisaViaRoma and Alberto Guardiani