Autosport International 2015 Models | #asi15

This year, it was a bit late but it is here. Autosport International 2015 models.











































Maxxis Girls at Autosport International 2015

Maxxis Tyres Girls at Autosport International 2015. Like each, Maxxis Tyres dominated the Autosport International with their models, they called them Maxxis Babes. I am pretty sure you will not read single word on this article, so I am finishing now :)


Ginetta Cars and Models | Autosport International 2015

Ginetta Cars were at the Autosport International 2015 with two of their racing cars, G40 and G55, and models! The exciting aspect of the Ginetta is weight to power ratio. G40 and G55 are using the engines from different manufacturers and they do necessary revisions for the racing conditions. In addition, Ginetta cars are really really low weighted, consequently the acceleration figures are way beyond your expectations.

Also, this Ginetta revealed their fashion line. If you are not interested on their cars, you might be interested on their fashion line!


Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS | Autosport International 2015

Porsche revealed the 911 Carrera GTS model during the Autosport International 2015. GTS is a proper driver’s car. You experience the Porsche 911 without any unnecessary extras and also, it is not extremely hard-core, so you spine will stay on piece. Personally, I really love any Porsche 911. But I appreciate the relatively hard-core models more! That’s why I was really excited with the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS during the Autosport International.

This Carrera 4 GTS was featuring the iconic 7-speed manual gearbox. As I don’t like manual gearboxes, I wasn’t excited that much. But offering 7-speed is an epic experience to see. That’s why you will see some artistic photos! Unfortunately, 7-speed manual gearbox makes the Carrera 4 GTS 0.2 (4.2) slower to reach 100 km/h. The double clutch one only needs 4 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

So go for the double clutch, because it matches the performance of the Carrera 4 GTS! GTS’s engine produces 430 HP from its 3.8-lt boxer engine with 440 nm of torque. and the top speed is 302 km/h for double clutch gearbox, just 2 km/h slower.


Mercedes-Benz C11 | Schumacher’s Group C Car

At Autosport International 2015, there was a very iconic racing car, Mercedes-Benz C11. C11 was Michael Schumacher’s car for the Group C racing during the 1990. C11 was one of the very important racing cars at Schumacher’s career and it was the first time I had the chance to see it. During 1990s, Schumacher was a very young driver and we didn’t know him well. I can only remember his face with C11 through black and white photographs. 
I feel really lucky to see this car!
The C11 was powered by a 5-lt V8 with twin turbos and generating 950 HP. The engine was coupled with a sequential 5-speed gearbox.


Autosport International Formula 1 Cars

Like every year, Autosport International featured the Formula 1 car! Probably the very rare opportunity to see each car and compare their aerodynamic details with other competitors.
Also this year at Autosport 2015 International, I had chance to see the last year’s Formula 1 cars with their interesting front-ends. Last year, there were lots of speculations regarding to the new front-end regulations but I didn’t have a chance to see them. Until now!
Scuderia Ferrari


Williams Martini Racing

Sahara Force India F1

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Lotus F1

McLaren Mercedes

Sauber F1

Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1

Ferrari F40 at Autosport International 2015

Ferrari F40 at Autosport International 2015! I was waiting to see the Ferrari F40 for nearly 25 years. F40 was my childhood supercar and all time favourite. The 320 km/h top speed of F40 was something out of this planet in early 1990s! And also F40’s outstanding design was beyond its time as well. I had many Ferrari F40 toys but never had the chance to spot one in real life.

Unfortunately, I missed the Ferrari F40 in UK few times but this time I was on right place at the right time, Autosport International 2015!

Technical details? F40 was powered by a 3-lt turbo engine with 478 HP and coupled with 5-speed manual gearbox. It had nothing, no ABS, no airbag or electric windows! F40 weighted 1.1-tonne only and managed to reach 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds in 1987!


Ferrari LaFerrari at Autosport International 2015

Today Autosport International 2015 started and this year it started with an epic super car, Ferrari LaFerrari. There are only 400 of LaFerraris and it is extremely rare to spot one the roads. Literally, Autosport International 2015 can be the first and last place to see a Ferrari LaFerrari!

Why I am saying this? Because, super cars of Ferrari are always rare to spot and if you missed it, it gone! So don’t be late!