Natalie Portman Runaway Bride at Miss Dior | How to Avoid? #ITISMISSACTUALLY

Natalie Portman is the runaway bridge from the Miss Dior’s latest advertisement campaign. Natalie flees to her Cote D’Azur wedding ceremony and the last minute she decided to avoid saying “I do”. It was like a rejected take-off of an airplane. However, as she decided to run away from the wedding, she was some difficulties. Such as, her high heeled shoes. In case of changing your mind at the wedding ceremony, you need to be accelerating faster than a Bugatti Veyron. Also, the wedding dress was important, it was quite aerodynamic and did not create any drag whilst she was running to her lover, who was waiting inside a silly helicopter.

The biggest question how to avoid a bride to run away from the wedding? 1) Invest on shoes! Get Tom Ford’s pump high heels with ankle strap and locks model. If you have the key, she won’t be able to take them off and running will be an issue. 2) Arrange a wedding dress that has a massive aerodynamic drag and heavy, it will save time. 3) Let her go, forced marriage will not work. Better to avoid at an early stage!

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Photos Credits
Anton Corbijn for Christian Dior Parfums
Tom Ford