Royal Mail British Auto Legends | Winner of the Jaguar E-Type

Royal Mail British Auto Legends, I am sure you remember the timeless stamp collection. However, the Royal Mail did not limit this campaign with stamps. Actually, they delivered a Jaguar E-Type to winner. There was a competition to win a Jaguar E-Type and someone won that car. And here is the video of that moment.

Gisele Bündchen for H&M with Classic Cars with Video

Gisele Bündchen for H&M is the campaign for the fall / winter collection. I am sure you remember Gisele Bündchen from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. She used to be their model but not anymore. That’s enough for the explanation :)
Gisele and H&M created these campaigns ads with vintage cars. And these cars are available to drive! I did some comprehensive research (Googling) and found the company who arranged the vintage cars. It is Classic Car Club London, it is in Old Street, London. And it is a membership club. You pay the fee and drive the Jaguar E-Type! 
So if you love Gisele Bündchen, you have the chance to drive the Jaguar E-Type she was sitting on it. Or the other ones. If you are a woman, you have the chance to buy the pieces Gisele liked on H&M but this is a bit impossible men :) So go for the E-Type.
Regarding to classic cars on background of Gisele Bündchen for H&M; they are not random cars. And never random cars appears on campaigns. They are were rented from the Classic Car Club London. If H&M decided to take photos with random cars, it will end up with Honda Civic, Ford Transit, another Ford Transit, Ford Focus and another Ford Transit.

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Royal Mail British Auto Legends Stamps Delivery with a Jaguar E-Type

Royal Mail Auto Legends stamps. If you haven’t heard about this, it is the limited edition of stamps from Royal Mail to congratulate the iconic cars of British automotive industry. Personally, I am not a stamp collector but when I saw these stamps on internet, I was really excited to see them live.

Hopefully, Royal Mail was very kind to send me. However, the sending process was totally different from what I thought. Honestly, I was expecting to receive the stamps via Royal Mail special delivery inside an envelope. And Royal Mail thought that, it is a bit boring way to delivery the stamps and they decided to use a red Jaguar E-Type for the delivery. I am not joking, Royal Mail arrived to my home with a red Jaguar E-Type to deliver these stamps. However, the story did not finish here!

The stamps were not inside an envelope, they were inside a bespoke made engraved red toolbox. Literally, this was the best PR campaign I have ever seen. The whole process was fantastic and left a great memory to remember in future.

Anyway, let’s go back to British Auto Legends stamps. The stamps feature; Jaguar E-Type — 1961, MG MGB — 1962, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow — 1965, Morgan Plus 8 — 1968, Aston Martin DB5 — 1963, and Lotus Esprit — 1976.

And the prices for British Auto Legends stamps start from as low as £5.64! And it will be a great collectors’ item in future. For the record, never send me an email to buy these stamps in year 2053. I am pretty sure that, I will at least a half-century and instead asking to buy the stamps from me. Go and buy them now :)

You can buy the British Auto Legends stamps from Royal Mail’s online store.


Review of Jaguar F-Type S

Jaguar F-Type, the latest Jaguar! Jaguar revealed the F-Type as a contemporary interpretation of the iconic E-Type. E-Type features one of the most iconic designs in automotive industry. No one can deny the beauty of the E-Type and that’s why I wanted to see the F-Type in real world.

F-Type is a quite important for Jaguar to keep the momentum of the performance. That’s why Jaguar is paying attention to F-Type. As a result of the über attention to Jaguar F-Type, I visited a Jaguar dealer to see it.

Jaguar F-Type does look very beautiful, it resembles with the iconic E-Type. And that’s why many people are interested on the F-Type and there is a long list of waiting. However, when I get inside the F-Type, the things did not go that well! Unfortunately, Jaguar F-Type does not represent any engineering improvement inside the cabin. There are too many plastic parts, the navigation and user interface are still out-dated, the gaps between the panels are too much for its segment. Unfortunately, these are the real facts and my benchmark for in automotive industry is the Audi and Porsche. Their engineering ability inside the cabin is outstanding and when you sit inside an Audi S8 or Porsche 911, and move to Jaguar F-Type, unfortunately you may experience the same feelings!

Jaguar designs beautiful cars, however I cannot see the same level of attention details inside the cabin. In order to sustain in premium car segment, they have to improve their cabin interior quality to give a premium feeling. People who can afford to buy a Jaguar F-Type can easy buy a Porsche 911 and they can spot the different inside the cabin.

Despite these adverse situation, Jaguar F-Type S is powered by a 3-lt V6 Supercharged engine with 380 HP and 460 Nm of torque. Engine is coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox and only needs 4.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h. Also F-Type S makes amazing exhaust noise! For many people these things are more important than the interior :)

And I am sure that Jaguar F-Type is a very driver focused and engaging car to drive.