Salon Privé Chelsea, London 2022

I have tried to attend Salon Privé for a long time, but I’ve never managed it! I always thought Salon Privé was a small car show, and that’s all. However, I was wrong.

I realized this when I attended the event at Royal Chelsea Hospital in London this year. Since I started blogging, I think this is the first car show where I didn’t ask for a press pass.

Salon Privé London has something unique to offer! It is small, but it has everything! From Prodrive’s Paris Dacar off-roader BRX Hunter to Bugatti Chirons (multiple Chirons were present). I’m not even taking into account the number of Lamborghinis that were present.

Another great part of Salon Privé was Anna-Louise Felstead (Instagram @alfelstead). She is a fantastic artist whose paintings I love. This is especially true for the ones that convey the reality of luxury cars. They are amazing!

Also, there were two helicopters at Salon Privé. I can’t ignore them in this write-up. From this year, I will be attending a future Salone Privé event, and I highly recommend it!


Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo: Virtual Reality | Download on December 6

Virtual reality; Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo is finally revealed on Gran Turismo 6 game recently. This virtual Mercedes is powered by an AMG V8 with 577 HP with 799 Nm of torque. And it is only 1.3-tonne with AMG’s high performance carbon brakes! And AMG Vision Gran Turismo will be available to download on December, 6!

As you realized this is a virtual car, there is no real car travelling on this planet. This is a very bold example of the influential role of digital world and how it influences the decision made in real world.

Gran Turismo is the most realistic car simulation game with a unique mathematical algorithm to allow users to experience the real driving conditions of the each individual vehicle on the car. That’s why many car manufacturer works with Gran Turismo!

And if Mercedes puts AMG Vision Gran Turismo into production without any changes, I promise I will stop moaning for Mercedes.

Lastly, AMG Vision Gran Turismo resemble with Bugatti Veyron from the rear, check the wheel arches. And from the top it resembles with Morgan AeroSports.

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Morgan Motors without Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan left the Morgan Motor Company, eventually Morgan Motors is without Charles Morgan. This was the shocking news yesterday for the automotive industry. If you are not interested in automotive industry, I can explain through an example. Charles Morgan is similar to Steve Jobs for the automotive industry. Morgan Motors was found by his grand parents of Charles Morgan and he was the manager. However, this week the shareholders and board decided to withdraw Charles Morgan from this all positions and responsibilities. The same was happened to Steve Jobs, when he was fired by the CEO whom Jobs hired.

The situation of Charles Morgan is more or less the same, however people always withdrawn from their positions in automotive industry but this never created a trend on Twitter before. I am not joking, when I read the news on Twitter, I was shocked and assumed I misunderstood. Honestly, I used dictionary to double check! After the news spread on social media, web sites and blogs, more and more people started to talk about it. And showed their support to Charles Morgan. Again, this has never happened in automotive industry. Usually no one knows the names of CEO or directors in automotive industry. They are impossible reach and they don’t tend to smile.

That’s the issue with automotive industry, everyone is very serious. If you don’t believe me just watch the videos from press events on YouTube! However, Charles Morgan was totally the opposite. He was very nice to everyone from clients to bloggers like me. I met him, last year for my YouTube channel’s interview. And he didn’t reject my offer for the interview. I was really excited during the interview day, because he owns the Morgan Motors and I was doing an interview with him. And after that, I always kept my communication with him, and whenever I see him somewhere, he was always very nice and polite.

His warm relations with people created a community like Steve Jobs and when the news spread yesterday, everyone including me wanted to show our support. I think we cannot this type of emotional bond in automotive industry.

Before I met him, Morgan cars was a just a British car manufacturer. After my visit to Morgan factory and the interview changed my mind. I was let to go around the factory, I never had this chance before. And I saw the three-wheel Morgan and Charles explained the story behind the car with the passion. After that Morgan three-wheeler became my must to have before I leave UK item.

I hope he will be back to Morgan Motors again, and based on the story of Steve Jobs, he will definitely be back :) And what I read on news, he will be appealing for the decision.


Royal Mail British Auto Legends Stamps Delivery with a Jaguar E-Type

Royal Mail Auto Legends stamps. If you haven’t heard about this, it is the limited edition of stamps from Royal Mail to congratulate the iconic cars of British automotive industry. Personally, I am not a stamp collector but when I saw these stamps on internet, I was really excited to see them live.

Hopefully, Royal Mail was very kind to send me. However, the sending process was totally different from what I thought. Honestly, I was expecting to receive the stamps via Royal Mail special delivery inside an envelope. And Royal Mail thought that, it is a bit boring way to delivery the stamps and they decided to use a red Jaguar E-Type for the delivery. I am not joking, Royal Mail arrived to my home with a red Jaguar E-Type to deliver these stamps. However, the story did not finish here!

The stamps were not inside an envelope, they were inside a bespoke made engraved red toolbox. Literally, this was the best PR campaign I have ever seen. The whole process was fantastic and left a great memory to remember in future.

Anyway, let’s go back to British Auto Legends stamps. The stamps feature; Jaguar E-Type — 1961, MG MGB — 1962, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow — 1965, Morgan Plus 8 — 1968, Aston Martin DB5 — 1963, and Lotus Esprit — 1976.

And the prices for British Auto Legends stamps start from as low as £5.64! And it will be a great collectors’ item in future. For the record, never send me an email to buy these stamps in year 2053. I am pretty sure that, I will at least a half-century and instead asking to buy the stamps from me. Go and buy them now :)

You can buy the British Auto Legends stamps from Royal Mail’s online store.


Interview with Charles Morgan (Morgan Motor Company)

Today I was in Morgan Motor to have an interview Charles Morgan. It was second time in a car factory; but first time for a very niche brand. Morgan is one of the oldest car company in the world and loyal its original roots. For many years, Morgan managed to stay niche and did not extend the brand like some other car companies did, thus this made Morgan a very exclusive brand. 
Let’s move onto factory, the manufacturing is totally done by hand as you can see from the pictures. There are not robots, which kills the emotional factor of a sport car manufacturing. I think this is one of the most important factor for a niche and exclusive sport car. Being manufactured by hand! Unfortunately, there are not many cars are made like this and Charles explains why!
The Morgan cars are made by aluminium alloy and wood is used a supportive structure. The most interesting part is the wood manufacturing. I think you cannot smell the wood in none of the car manufacturers except Morgan. Don’t think that Morgan is made from wood, they use it as a supportive structure and also it makes the Morgan a very unique car. The process of wood making is great to see. It shows you how the cars were made in the past; nowadays it is not that hard to spot a robot is making a car but did you ever see how they shape a wood!?! Probably no! However if you have time, I strongly recommend you to visit Morgan’s factory tour to see all these manufacturing processes. In most of the car companies, you cannot even enter inside. But, Morgan makes a great tour and they explain every single detail! If you want to know more, you need to go :)
During this tour, the manufacturing of Morgan reminded one thing. It is made like a luxury shoes. If you order or buy a luxury shoes, they are made by hand through complicated processes like in Morgan.

With Charles Morgan, we talk about his media experience, heritage of Morgan, three-wheel Morgan and its story, and his experience to across US with a three-wheel Morgan. Also, future of Morgan and I cannot ignore the social media. Charles Morgan is one of the most active person in Twitter from automotive world. If you want to follow him, here is the Twitter address (@charlesmorganuk). Lastly, he explained the partnership with BMW and Morgan. 
I am not going to write everything to here, you need to watch the interview for more :)

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