Fast & Furious 7 Trailer

Unfortunately, we still have the Fast & Furious series. I never managed to be a fan of the Fast & Furious. It was too fake and too exaggerated. Therefore, I never watched after the second one. However, I am a niche minority, Fast & Furious generated more than $2.3-billion of revenue since 2001 and as a result of this steady income, we have the Fast & Furious 7!

Need for Speed Movie | Unfortunately

Need for Speed movie will be in theatres on May, 2014! I am really sorry to reveal this news from my blog. Since the catastrophe of Fast & Furious haven’t end yet, we have another catastrophe on theatres and it is called Need for Speed.

Need for Speed game has a special place for me. I remember the first day I played the Need for Speed at my PC on 1996! Despite the poor graphic and lack of real driving experience, it was a fantastic computer game! I really loved it. And the rest of the Need for Speed series were fantastic. Especially, the Need for Speed Porsche Edition started my love towards Porsche cars. And each year Need for Speed became better and better.

I was expecting to watch Need for Speed movie but Fast & Furious disaster ruined my brain. Honestly, I cannot find a reason to watch Fast & Furious. It is more eccentric than Jack Bauer on 24! If Fast & Furious was not released a single movie, I would love to watch Need for Speed but I don’t find energy to watch it.

However, based on my emotional bound and subconscious memories of Need for Speed, I will watch the movie :)

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Fast and I really get bored of Furious !!!

Today I was planning to write about something else, however I watched something really catastrophic on internet. And it is called Fast and Furious 5! Nearly every two years, there are revealing worse Fast and Furious. I watched only two of them and the rest I could not bear to watch.
All the time scenario is the same, big guys are doing something and they are running away and cars crashes, people jumps, big cars crashes again, guys with lots of tatoo running all the time. And each movie they develop their own dictionary of useless words!
I really wonder who is writing all these things and how she or he can convince own self to like this thing. There is only one explanation and we all know, money! But this motivation will never ever make this movie to be remembered in future. When they get bored of writing this movie, everyone will forget them. It will not be like Italian Job!
If you have five minutes to waste, here is the trailer.