Sexy and Funny Fiat 500 Commercials (Fiat 500L and 500e)

Fiat 500 and sexy commercials. After the Fiat introduced the 500 model to North American market, we started to see sexy commercials of Fiat 500 featuring Catrinel Menghia shouting to a guy and then we saw Catrinel Menghia again but topless for Fiat 500C Abarth.

And now, we have the ugly duck Fiat 500L! And Fiat 500e (Electric powered). Unfortunately, Fiat 500L is kind of second disaster after the Fiat Multipla. Honestly, Fiat 500L is not that bad, but it does lack the charming design of Fiat 500. Fiat 500 needs to be three door hatchback but finance department does not agree with this!

As a result of new models of Fiat 500 will be available on American market, there should be some type of new sexy and naughty commercial. Remember, these are not the Super Bowl commercial, they are just normal one :)

Actually, Fiat 500L’s commercials are way beyond creative and better than the car, I am really sorry to say this. But 500L commercial are really creative and funny and you engage with them. You want to know what will happen next! Well done Fiat! And it made the Fiat 500L more¬†sympathetic.

I am definitely sure, after these commercial people will buy Fiat 500L and Fiat 500C.



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