Salon Privé Chelsea, London 2022

I have tried to attend Salon Privé for a long time, but I’ve never managed it! I always thought Salon Privé was a small car show, and that’s all. However, I was wrong.

I realized this when I attended the event at Royal Chelsea Hospital in London this year. Since I started blogging, I think this is the first car show where I didn’t ask for a press pass.

Salon Privé London has something unique to offer! It is small, but it has everything! From Prodrive’s Paris Dacar off-roader BRX Hunter to Bugatti Chirons (multiple Chirons were present). I’m not even taking into account the number of Lamborghinis that were present.

Another great part of Salon Privé was Anna-Louise Felstead (Instagram @alfelstead). She is a fantastic artist whose paintings I love. This is especially true for the ones that convey the reality of luxury cars. They are amazing!

Also, there were two helicopters at Salon Privé. I can’t ignore them in this write-up. From this year, I will be attending a future Salone Privé event, and I highly recommend it!


1000th Pin in My Car Board at Pinterest #PinItForwardUK

1000th pin in my car board at Pinterest. I have been using the Pinterest nearly two years and I always had the stamina to pin car photos. And finally I reached a milestone number, 1000! And I celebrate this with a retro beige Fiat 500 taken at University of Birmingham.

And don’t forward to check #PinItForwardUK.


Fiat 500 Abarth Advertisement with Charlie Sheen and Catrinel Menghia, House Arrest

Fiat 500 Abarth with Charlie Sheen and Catrinel Menghia! Sounds charming! Actually, this Fiat 500 Abarth House Arrest advertisement from Fiat USA is also charming.
Driving a Fiat 500 Abarth inside a house, it is really nice idea :) I am definitely sure that the creative director of this advertisement was riding bicycle inside the house.

Small Family MPV Review: Ford B-Max vs. Fiat 500L

Ford B-Max vs. Fiat 500L, I know you are not very familiar with this type of article in this space. But time-to-time, I want to share my opinions with you.

Ford B-Max and Fiat 500L are the small family MPVs. Ford B-Max offers more conservative design with sliding rear doors and Fiat 500L is the Fiat 500 with steroids. In my opinion, Fiat 500L has a better design in both exterior and interior than the Ford B-Max. But this does not mean that Ford B-Max does not look good, it also does! Especially the sliding rear doors are very practical for tight parking spaces and loading items to rear seats.

What I perceive from these two cars, Fiat 500L is more fashionable small family MPV for families whom do not wish to vanish their sense of fashion due to their larger family. On the other hand, Ford B-Max is designed for practicality more than fashion sense. It is definitely for families whose primary concern is the practicality!

Both Ford and Fiat are in similar price range in many market however, due to taxation for different engines size you may see difference prices.

Ford B-Max offers petrol engines of 1.4-lt 90 HP, 1-lt Turbo EcoBoost 100 / 120 HP and 1.6-lt 105 HP for PowerShift automatic gearbox. Diesel are; 1.5-lt 75 HP and 1.6-lt 95 HP. Except 1.6-lt petrol engine rest of the range is offered with 5-speed manual. This is the only disadvantage of Ford B-Max, limited automatic gearbox option and 5-speed manual.

Fiat 500L offers petrol engines of 1.4-lt 95 HP and 0.9-lt 105 HP. Diesels are 1.3-lt 85 and 1.6-lt 105 HP. Automatic gearbox is offered only with 1.3-lt diesel engine and the rest is 6-speed manual.

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Ford and Fiat

Very Creative, Funny, Entertaining Fiat 500L Rap Advertisement

Fiat 500L, definitely not the sexiest car on planet and ruined the retro sexy Fiat 500. However, the advertisement team wanted to turn Fiat 500L into something more charming and necessary by the rap style video “The Motherhood feat. Fiat 500L”. I used the word necessary, because the recent advertisement of Fiat UK created a perception for 500L as the necessary vehicle for the mothers. 
Actually, not a bad idea. 500L is really big and offers lots of boots space and five proper doors and proper rear seats. Moreover, it doesn’t look that bad when you compare the other family MPV cars.
After this advertisement from Fiat UK, I started to emerge some sympathy to 500L. Not my type of car but definitely 500L is one of the best car for new families! At least 500L has the DNA of 500!
Lastly, this video will turn into viral! And also not a very song for iTunes!
Here are the technical details:
The Fiat 500L will be available initially with a choice of four low emissions engines (Euro 6 petrol and Euro 5+ diesel), with Start&Stop as standard on TwinAir and MultiJet engines. The full engine line-up comprises the award-winning TwinAir 0.9-litre petrol (105hp), 1.4-litre 16-valve petrol (95hp), 1.3-litre 16-valve MultiJet diesel (85hp) with manual or MTA transmission, and 1.6-litre 16-valve MultiJet diesel (105hp).

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Sexy and Funny Fiat 500 Commercials (Fiat 500L and 500e)

Fiat 500 and sexy commercials. After the Fiat introduced the 500 model to North American market, we started to see sexy commercials of Fiat 500 featuring Catrinel Menghia shouting to a guy and then we saw Catrinel Menghia again but topless for Fiat 500C Abarth.

And now, we have the ugly duck Fiat 500L! And Fiat 500e (Electric powered). Unfortunately, Fiat 500L is kind of second disaster after the Fiat Multipla. Honestly, Fiat 500L is not that bad, but it does lack the charming design of Fiat 500. Fiat 500 needs to be three door hatchback but finance department does not agree with this!

As a result of new models of Fiat 500 will be available on American market, there should be some type of new sexy and naughty commercial. Remember, these are not the Super Bowl commercial, they are just normal one :)

Actually, Fiat 500L’s commercials are way beyond creative and better than the car, I am really sorry to say this. But 500L commercial are really creative and funny and you engage with them. You want to know what will happen next! Well done Fiat! And it made the Fiat 500L more sympathetic.

I am definitely sure, after these commercial people will buy Fiat 500L and Fiat 500C.



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Fiat 500 from Instagram

Super sexy looking Fiat 500 photos all around the world from Instagram!

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Fiat 500 with Retro Colours

Fiat 500 is now offered with retro colours from 1960s and 1970s. These colours are New Age Cream, Countrypolitan Yellow, Pasodoble Red, Volare Blue, and Tech House Grey. If these colours were offered in a different car, it would not look that nice. However, Fiat 500 is a good harmony of retro touches with contemporary design, thanks to Franks Stephenson.
These colours are available with 0.9-lt TwinAir (85 PS) and 1.2-lt (69 PS). With Fiat 500 TwinAir, you don’t need to pay London Congestion Charge, because Fiat 500 TwinAir only emits 95 g/km.

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Fiat 500L is here with Espresso Machine

Fiat 500L received so much attention and took a place in Twitter’s top trends. So, I decided to take a look again to stretched Fiat 500.
And Fiat 500L created the same impression on my like Mini Clubman! Fiat 500L does not look ugly but not charming like the original one. Exterior design is quite well re-interpreted for a long wheel base and the extra two doors do not look that bad. 
Interior of Fiat 500L is very well made, from the photos you can easily spot the high material quality. And similar design bits with the new Panda. I really like the interior of the 500L more than its exterior.
In the end, for me Fiat 500 is small three-door one. However, customers demand different type of cars and here is the Fiat 500L to satisfy their needs :)

Last note, Fiat 500L offers on-board espresso machine :)

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Volkswagen UP vs. Kia Picanto vs. Fiat Panda

Volkswagen UP, Kia Picanto, and new Fiat Panda. These cars share in two things in common, they are small and stylish!

I would like to start from Volkswagen UP, this small Volkswagen is one of the most sensational car of this year. When the Volkswagen UP was revealed, it was obvious that UP wouldn’t be a cheap small car. Actually, Volkswagen UP is a very well built small car with a good price. Honestly, it has a better interior than many other Volkswagen models. If you are thinking about Volkswagen UP; it looks great from inside and outside, powered by a 1-lt petrol engine from 60 PS to 75 PS, interior is really high quality, thanks to long gap between front and rear axles the interior provides comfortable journeys. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer any automatic gearbox and no five-door option yet but it will be soon available. Volkswagen UP is really well packed small car with more fun than other conservative Volkswagen models.

For more information about Volkswagen UP, please vist their official website.

Kia Picanto is the product of Kia’s new era. After transferring designer from Audi, Peter Schreyer, Kia had a revolution in terms of everything from engines to design philosophy. Kia Picanto is a great result of this revolution. It is a small car with either three or five doors; from exterior is one of the most aggressive looking cars on this segment and from interior the built quality is way beyond previous Kia models.

Honestly, comparing Kia Picanto with previous Kia models would be unfair. So do the same :) The only draw point of Kia Picanto is the four-speed automatic gearbox, unfortunately, this is unacceptable. But as I heard from Kia, they are developing dual clutch automatic gearbox and it will be available shortly. The engine for Kia Picanto is 1-lt 68 PS and 1.25-lt 84 PS petrol engines. And again, don’t skip Kia Picanto you may regret in future!

For more information about Kia Picanto, please visit their official website.

New Fiat Panda is the newest vehicle in this comparison. New Fiat Panda is recently designed and it is totally a new! It offer really nicely designed interior and very high quality finish, you can easily notice the improvement from the previous generation. Unfortunately, the exterior did not satisfy me! When you compare with other cars, new Fiat Panda looks a bit calm and relaxed. New Fiat Panda shares some design bits from the Fiat 500 and gives some clues for the new Fiat cars. Similar to its competitors, new Fiat Panda have lots of room inside, there is no doubt about this.

Unlike other cars, new Fiat Panda offers something totally different than the others! New Fiat Panda is available with 0.9-lt two-cylinder turbo petrol engine and you will be exempted from London Congestion charge! This laptop sized engine produces 85 PS of power and it is the most powerful one in the range. The other available engines are 1.2-lt petrol engine with 69 PS and 1.3-lt diesel engine with 75 PS. Moreover, new Fiat Panda offers dualogic five-speed automated manual gearbox. It is not like an automatic gearbox but work perfectly with the car. However, you need to choose the 0.9-lt engine to have the automatic. That’s the down side! If you are into financial concerns, this car would really satisfy you but don’t except excitement from the exterior design.

For more information about new Fiat Panda, please visit their official website. (It starts to talk when you open the web site, keep in mind!)

For me, if Volkswagen UP offer five-door and DSG automatic gearbox I will go for it; if Kia Picanto offers a better automatic gearbox I would definitely consider it as well. If new Fiat Panda was looking better and I was desperate for space, I would go for it. I think I should still stick to Fiat 500!

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