Why I am single? The Solution is a Samsung Galaxy Gear

Why I am single? Very simple question and commonly asked by many people. Despite the sophisticated communication tools, people are desperate to meet with each other. And that’s why dating apps are the gold mines in digital world. 
I think Samsung realised the problem of being single and decided to market their smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear. The scenario is very simple, one boy has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Basically, he is a nerd and has no chance on this woman. However, this is an advertisement and he impresses her with a Galaxy Gear that has a battery life less than a day. 
The functions of Galaxy Gear; video recording, voice recognition, phone calls, music player and etc.  impresses her. However, Galaxy Gear does not have enough battery power to impress a woman all day. Galaxy Gear will run out of battery during the video recording and the whole show off or impress campaign will be ruined. 
The other guy has a mobile that is not connected with a smart watch and he fails all the time. But he should worry, next year Apple will introduce something like iWatch.
The end line; if you don’t want to stay single go buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear.

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