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Jennifer Lopez Fiat 500 Ads

I noticed that Fiat did a respectful investment to Fiat 500 model through placing Jennifer Lopez on advertisements. We used to see this type of advertisements mostly in fashion industry and less in automotive industry. Land Rover did it with Beckham but she never played on advertisements.
However, Fiat changed the rule of the game and released advertisements with Jennifer Lopez. I think it will help to increase the awareness of 500 in many different markets, but also it may create women targeted product as well, and some men increase their attention to 500 by Jennifer Lopez. Actually, I don’t think that Jennifer Lopez will boost the sales of 500 for men consumers. But, I am sure that awareness of 500 will boost!
And the Jennifer Lopez’s Papi video clip features the Fiat 500 and also a new Volvo S60, an old Volvo, and old BMW 5 Series, and old Mercedes E-Class. I do understand the old cars in the clip but they shouldn’t be placing the brand new Volvo S60! 
Lastly, in UK advertisement the Fiat 500 is an European spec version. Usually, some agencies miss this minor detail and the advertisements sometimes look funny, but they didn’t make any mistakes here ;) Moreover, the targeted message for the US market is Sport and for the European market is Economy. You may see this through the buttons pressed by Lopez! US: Sport, Europe: Economy! For US market 500 is a Sporty car and for European market it is an economical car.
Here are the videos of Jennifer Lopez and Fiat 500, plus her song played on advertisement Papi!

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