Tiffany & Co // Price is No Object

If ‘Price is No Object’ for you. You should read this :)

Tiffany & Co, is one of the most luxurious brands on this planet. Whatever they sell in their stores is expensive. The word ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ doesn’t exist in Tiffany & Co’s world.

When Apple released the iPhone X, many people complained about its price tag. However, when you compare the iPhone X and its capabilities with any product from Tiffany & Co’s range, the iPhone is a bargain.

However, the new generation doesn’t really see the point of spending lots of money on Tiffany & Co products, and I think the same way. It is too much for what you get.

Despite this changing trend, Tiffany & Co has decided to push the boundaries of luxury before it vanishes, and called it Price is No Object! You can buy a Tiffany & Co ball yarn in a silver lining for £8,995, a set of two paper cups for £90! A ruler for £425!

After seeing the product range of Tiffany & Co, I can easily rationalise buying an iPhone X and call it a bargain!

Photo Credits // Tiffany & Co


Lauge Jensen Luxury Motorcycle with EURO 4 Emissions Level

Lauge Jensen is the first motorcycle to receive EURO 4 emission regulations. And I am sure that, you are saying vaw! Actually, you are not saying anything. You will be clicking on the Lauge Jensen link and stop reading the post at this moment.
Okay, welcome back. I hope you like Lauge Jensen website. They offer very unique and beautifully designed motorcycles. Lauge Jensen is a Danish company, which was found in 2008. 
Lauge Jensen is not specialised on making motorcycles going faster than a 700 HP sports car, they are making motorcycle that are built my hand and luxury. It is quite hard to a luxury motorcycle brand. Most of the motorcycles are designed to go fast or offer a bit more comfort than the ones that are moving too fast.
Lauge Jensen is a very unique motorcycle brand for the people, who are looking for a luxury motorcycle to enjoy the wind.

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Lauge Jensen