Tiffany & Co // Price is No Object

If ‘Price is No Object’ for you. You should read this :)

Tiffany & Co, is one of the most luxurious brands on this planet. Whatever they sell in their stores is expensive. The word ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ doesn’t exist in Tiffany & Co’s world.

When Apple released the iPhone X, many people complained about its price tag. However, when you compare the iPhone X and its capabilities with any product from Tiffany & Co’s range, the iPhone is a bargain.

However, the new generation doesn’t really see the point of spending lots of money on Tiffany & Co products, and I think the same way. It is too much for what you get.

Despite this changing trend, Tiffany & Co has decided to push the boundaries of luxury before it vanishes, and called it Price is No Object! You can buy a Tiffany & Co ball yarn in a silver lining for £8,995, a set of two paper cups for £90! A ruler for £425!

After seeing the product range of Tiffany & Co, I can easily rationalise buying an iPhone X and call it a bargain!

Photo Credits // Tiffany & Co