Pink Fiat 500 with Pink Driving Shoes

Since I saw the pink driving shoes in GQ Magazine by Kurt Geiger, I started to wonder which car fits best with those shoes. And I mentioned this problem in my previous post! Unfortunately, there are not many cars which are offering pink as an optional colour.
Fiat 500 is one of my favourite cars; I really like it driving character, its design, practicality and good price. And now this car has a mutual interest with Kurt Geiger’s pink driving shoes! Finally today I read that Fiat 500 is offering limited edition of Pink colour! That’s very cool, I finally found a car which is fitting with pink driving shoes :) Unfortunately, it is limitied edition and you can only order from internet!
Unlike other limited editions, Fiat is offering this 500 with a reasonable price which allows many people to afford but only very limited will have the chance to drive it! Eventually; pink driving shoes are available with pink Fiat 500, have fun :)
Pictures are from;
Fiat Website
Kurt Geiger Website

Celebrity Car Drama

When you became celebrity, you should buy expensive luxury car. And this is something normal. However in some cases, the car is facing something unnormal! They mostly modify the car, change its colour and so on.
And even they modify Bentley to make it unique. Yes, Bentley is a very common on earth! And there is two examples; Kim Kardashian changed her Bentley Continental GTC’s design into something, which I have no idea. And Paris Hilton got her Bentley (the same with Kim’s) painted in pink. Both of the cars are piece of art!
And there is one more pink coloured car. That’s from Turkey. A new pop singer Kendi, got her Range Rover Sport painted in pink and left the most undesirable wheels on earth. I mean, why didn’t she order with a better wheels :)

Like people, cars have lucky and unlucky life!

Pictures are from;
Kim Kardashian’s website
Splash News