New promotion for electric cars: Petrol generator for more range !

Nowadays we start heard electric cars more and more. They are environmental, saving planet, no emission and new technology. Actually, electric cars are not something new! They were becoming popular in late 19th century. Even Porsche had an electric car in 1900, of course it wasn’t Porsche but produced by Ferdinand Porsche. As the petrol infrastructure developed and difficulty of charging electric car become more obvious, demand to electric cars started decline. At those Ford offered petrol powered cars at the half price electric cars and they disappeared in 1930s.
Now things have changed, people want to save world by electric cars! Unfortunately there are some problems. Main problem is, electricity does not come from space or produced by nature. Something should produce it and that something is a very big planet. And some of the big something is working with coal, which is not a tree hugger resource. So, when we use electricity produced by coal powered plants, we create lots of emissions. However nice thing is, you don’t see any smoke coming out next to you. So with this confidence, you can charge your electric car and create no pollution :) All you are doing is creating emission in the middle of nowhere and you don’t see it!
The electric cars are working with batteries and they aren’t different than our laptop’s batteries. Like our laptop’s batteries, one day they will commit suicide and we have replaced them. Sure you throw to thrash and send something to nature which cannot be recycled!
And if you want to increase the range of your e-car, you will have more batteries. And you can leave a more remarkable gift to nature from you.
In basic terms; until nano technology, super ultra high capacity batteries are available on market, tries to attach a generator to your e-car to extend its range. Don’t worry, you won’t destroy the nature, because you are already destroying while charging at home.

Car companies which are offering electric cars should also offer range extender small generators :) If the electric cars did not vanquished from market in 1930s, we would be driving very efficient, very green electric cars with a very long range.