BMW, my wife is not Heidi Klum !

BMW recently announced that 80 percentages of BMW 1 Series drivers think that 1 Series is a front wheel driven car! Vowww! This is a serious fact about drivers. They don’t interest on their cars. 80 percentage of driver has no idea what their car is. As a matter of fact, we can see that who is paying ridiculous amount of money to ridiculous cars!
Interesting fact with BMW, they have produced a front wheel driven car yet! BMW was the only company which is offering rear wheel drive in small hatchbacks. Even the Mercedes A Class is front wheel drive. I can assume that, 1 Series drivers did not look at their back seats! Why? Because, there is a small sized Everest on floor at the back. It is called shaft tunnel. All rear wheel drive cars have the small sized mountain at their back seats (between two seats). The shaft is moving along that tunnel to rear wheels.
OK, everyone is not interested on cars like me. I can understand but haven’t you notice that rear wheel have the traction. It can be felt on snow or rainy day. I don’t think that eighty percentage of 1 Series owners are living in desert. Anyway, this is a good feedback for BMW, which is planning to introduce Mini sized front wheel drive small car. And by this way, it will compete with its own brand; Mini! Audi will thank you for this decision ;)
Now, let’s come to Heidi Klum. I think you all know who she is! She is one of the most popular super model on earth. Tall, blond, charming. Actually these physical characteristics can be seen in many other girls. Heidi is not the only blond and tall person on earth. So, if eighty percentages of 1 Series owners think that their car is front wheel drive, because of its size. They can also think that their wife is Heidi Klum, if she is blond, tall and charming :)
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