Karl Lagerfeld and Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne; this is one of the most ugly car which we can see during last one decade. Despite its Porsche badge, it has nothing in common with a proper Porsche, I mean Porsche 911 which is the real Porsche. So this adopted SUV from VW Touareg have never been my favourite car. I know that, Cayenne was disaster for heritage but a great success for financial performance. It turned Porsche into a cash cow. Eventually, the new Cayenne much much much better looking Cayenne is on the way and I may say, it is better than the previous adapted one.

Karl Lagerfeld, he is one of the very well known iconic designers on earth. His style reflect a very unique character and even though I am not a fashion expert but I do know that he is one of the most remarkable designer and will be remembered for generations.

Now there is a two contradicting cases; one of them is Cayenne, even the Porsche will deny it in next twenty years and the other one is designer who will be remembered forever. But there is a intersection! Karl Lagerfeld is using a Porsche Cayenne! Yes, the most remarkable designer is using the most ugly car on earth. Lagerfeld is German and Porsche is German; that’s okay and he might wish to use German cars but why Cayenne?! Even though I am not a fan of Mercedes M Class or BMW X5 but those will be a better option. He might also prefer Mercedes G Class which will fit him much better than Cayenne ;)

Although; he preferred Porsche Cayenne, he knows something else we do ;) This the most fortunate thing ever happened to Porsche Cayenne :)

Pictures are from;
Porsche Website
Movie; Lagerfeld Confidential