Let’s ski with Audi

Finally I achieved my 200th post : )
Audi A6 is one of my old favourite car. Nearly twelve years ago when four wheel drive was offered only Audi Quattro, it was the best option. However, as the time passed BMW and Mercedes started to offer four wheel drive in their sedans model but nothing can take place the Quattro.
Audi also know the power of Quattro brand and made a very unique advertisement. An Audi A6 Quattro was climbing to ski jump in Kaipola, Finland. People who are interested on winter sports know this place very well. Very steep hill for ski jumpers to gain speed and fly to achieve further distances to land. Sorry for bad explanation. The interesting point for this advertisement, the A6 was climbing that enormous steep hill without any problem.
Thanks to Quattro and traction control, it manage to climb that hill despite its 1700 kg of weight and 225 sized tyres. These figures are not very good for climbing a hill with that high angle. However, there were some tricks! In first shootings they tried to climb with normal sized winter tyres and A6 could not managed to reach, and that’s the normal. After that, they have replaced the tyres with rally spec narrow, spiky winter tyres and its achieved.
So, only changing the tyres size even helped to achieve to climb an impossible hill despite huge weight. Here are the videos.