New Geely is very Geely !

Recently Geely announced its face lifted luxury car. The previous model was looking very similar to Rolls Royce Phantom, a very interesting incident! I guess this car did not have a very good impact on automotive market and Geely decided to introduced a face lifted model. Autocar mentioned this as Rolls Royce look alike but they were wrong!
This new model is totally new has essence from different brands. The front grill is looking very familiar with Maserati Quattroporte’s front grill. The real end, especially lights are very similar to Mercedes S Class and very similar boot lid. This new model is not look similar to one car, it looks similar to many cars. Honestly, one rear seat option is very creative. Some people might wish to have only one seat in the rear! Contemporary way of king transportation :)
Pictures are from;
Worldcarfans, Maserati, Mercedes Website