Bugatti Veyron Hard Core, sorry Super Sport

I know you have been waiting for this for long time. You cannot sleep for many days, searched the Google millions of times! Even waiting for iPhone 4 for one week in front of Apple Store, you were thinking about this. And now it is announced! World most powerful and least profitable (Every Veyron cost €4 million to produce) car Bugatti Veyron announced more powerful version Super Sport. I guess the previous one just was just Sport!
Super Sport Veyron has 1200 horsepower, it has 119 extra horses! Quad turbo engine is now producing 1500 nm of torque. Don’t ask what does it mean, it is too much for a car. Actually it is too much for many trucks also. And capable of doing 431 km/h which is 24 km/h more than normal version.
I know that many Veyron owner’s were suffering due to lack of horse power and insufficient top speed. We all can see this from the beautifully made YouTube videos for a quite long time. One basic rule; when you buy a Veyron find a very cheap mobile phone with camera, turn on the music to maximum, start speaking very loudly and at the same time show people how fast your Veyron is! At these things should have the same atmosphere like a modified Peugeot 106 GTi. Unfortunately these new horses do not have any impact on 0-100 km/h sprint (still 2,5 seconds), I guess this is a bad news for some Veyron owners who are focused on 0-100 km/h sprint on YouTube.
In other words, what they are doing is same as buying Chanel No.5 and pouring into a plastic bottle which was used for air refresher!
I am very happy that Ettore Bugatti did not see any of those YouTube videos and suffer this pain! Veyron Super Sport is again a master of piece of engineering which will make itself iconic like any other Bugattis. The technology to control these enormous amount of power and make it driveable for everyone is a huge success!
And please, when you buy Bugatti Veyron Super Sport don’t upload anything on YouTube from your mobile phone. Please buy a HD camera!
Honestly, this looks much better :)

Pictures are taken from;
Bugatti and Chanel Websites