VW Golf Plus the ideal reasonable family car

VW Golf Plus is in my favourite pointless, senseless car category. It is not the first one but it has a very high potential! When it was first revealed I could not find a target consumer group to buy this higher Golf. It was not offering something special except being taller. And the sales figures supported my hypothesis and it did not receive a huge demand, actually it is not sold in Turkey anymore!
It has an identity problem, why I should buy one? There was no a clear question for this. Therefore people hesitate to buy one. Identity crisis is the worst thing a car can have, people will hesitate to buy one, nobody will bother to see one, it will turn into a ghost car.
However a few days ago I was chatting with blogger friend FashionBySiu (I don’t know her real name) and she told me that she is looking for a new car to replace her Honda HRV. HRV is one of the most confusing SUVs ever seen, it has a ridiculously high ground clearance for a car which is not able to attempt any off roading! Actually Honda engineers decided to raise the vehicle by increasing the gap between ground and the vehicle instead of increasing the height of the roof and we have something very interesting!

Anyway, she is looking for a car which should be automatic, diesel, tall and reasonable priced! Unfortunately this is impossible in Turkey, thanks to our taxation system which we pay exactly twice the price of EU, there is not car which could satisfy these needs. Especially the reasonably priced facts! Dacia Duster is fulfilling this fact but it does not offer any automatic. So this combination ends up with Golf Plus.

Finally I met with someone who needs a car which is exactly a Golf Plus! As long as you don’t need four wheel drive, Golf Plus is a very “family” car with normal price!
I have never imagined that one day I will be writing about the Golf Plus :)
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