A new gladiator to arena: Lotus

British sports car manufacturer Lotus is trying to gain its position back. Proton owned (Lotus is owned by Proton, ugly truth!) revealed five (Esprit, Eterne, Elise, Elan and Elite) new models to compete with Italian and Germans and Aston Martin. After being away from the German vs. rest of the automotive companies gladiator games. Now with four new models Lotus is trying to enter the Colosseum.
What Lotus has done is a miracle, they revealed five different types of cars at the same time. We see this with Germans but Lotus is not that wealthy like Germans. Therefore I consider this as a great success. However sales may not be that successful! The CEO of Lotus declared that they are heading directly to Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes AMG territory. It is very easy to spell but extremely hard to achieve.
All these brands have their very royal and fanatic customers. People desire to have those brands and that’s a way to achieve their dreams. However Lotus is not a dream car anymore. I know for some people still a dream car like Pamela Anderson is a dream for people over 30 but new generation consider her as their mother! This is the same with Lotus. People don’t really know what really is Lotus.
I know that Lotus is excellent in handling and car engineering but trying to have a place in gladiator games is more than handling and engineering! Lotus has to create a dream but it won’t be very to achieve. I am sure some people will buy their new cars but Lotus should not have focused too many cars at the same time. Like Rolls-Royce, Lotus should have revealed news cars in a scheduled time frame.

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