Which will extend more? Porsche vs. Louis Vuitton

Car and fashion brands share similar symptoms in terms of marketing. They all try to charge more for with new products, prices are over-priced and they love to extend the product line. When it comes to product line extension nobody can compete with Porsche 911 range. Thanks to Porsche AG, 911 is the most extended car line on earth. Now there are 20 different 911s, I know that each model is targeting some particular customer group. Each car expresses a different feeling and etc, etc, etc. Basically, Porsche has lots of potential customers and Porsche does not wish to lose them :) So they introduce every kind of 911 to catch each niche segment. Actually they are pretty good at this though! Even though I don’t like it in terms of emotions but it works well to generate cash.
I noticed the same thing with Louis Vuitton also, they have lots of hand bags. Come one they do the same thing! And some of them are really ugly and expensive, who is buying those things !?! I am sure if I ask LV or anyone interested in fashion will give very good reason for each bag like reasons for twenty different 911s. From the LV perspective; whatever you do, do it with LV bag! Reasonable and good strategy and turn product range into mass :)
In my opinion the best 911 is the Turbo and the best LV is the suitcase :)
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