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Mid-Season Sales in Audi and Mercedes

Recenty if you went around the shopping malls, you might have noticed the sales in everywhere. This is really normal at these days, fashion brands are trying to clear their stocks for new season.
Unfortunately this does not happen in automotive industry, they don’t go on sale after New Year’s Eve. But they do make sales, in a silent way!
In couple of months some new season cars will appear in automotive industry and if you are lucky, you can have the current models with a good price!
I am talking about Mercedes C-Class and Audi A6. These two German cars are going to have new models. But with a difference. Mercedes C-Class will be face lifted and Audi A6 will be replaced by a new model
Mercedes C-Class is going to have a face lift, this means there will be minor and major changes on car. New transmission, new engines, better interior but the exterior shape will not change that much. Therefore, current C-Class is going to be the pre-face lifted model and this means you have chance to bargain if there are extra vehicles exists in dealers :) I know that this car will be the old one but you might have a very good price to compensate your depression on the pre-historic five speed auto and plastic based interior. In the end, it is Mercedes and cheap, don’t focus on details :)

The other one is the Audi A6. Honestly that’s a really good car with nice technology and nice manufacturing but I have never liked it, this is another case. But at the moment, this is my favourite car, because there will be a new model coming up and you can have a great bargain opportunity to own an Audi. Don’t be bothered on front wheel drive and weird CVT transmission. It is big, safe, better built than VW and made in Germany. If dealer gives you a good price, forget the rest :)
Both of these cars are not my favourite but with a nice bargain, they can be my favourite :) So start running to dealers! If you wish to pay more and buy the new one, that’s you decision.
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