The most sexy Ferrari

Ferrari is well-known for its innovative character. Each new Ferrari model offers better and more sophisticated technologies from the predecessor model. It is faster, more economical, sportier, more powerful and this list goes on forever. Nobody has a problem with this innovative character of Ferrari. Actually these are the benefits of having a successful Formula 1 team! Technology transfer from F1 to road cars.
Interestingly Ferrari is keen its innovativeness on Ferrari Store also. They offer very wide range of products with Ferrari logo. Pencil sharpener to leather goods! I thought pencil sharpener was the last step in Ferrari store but it wasn’t. They introduced something more interesting, a Ferrari swim suit for ladies.
I guess the Ferrari’s new model California was their inspiration while thinking about a swim suit with a Ferrari logo on. As you know California is a coupe/cabrio car, you just press a button the metal roof places inside the boot and it turns into a descent cabrio. When you transfer this concept to swim suit, they should have named it California Swim Suit. Because when you don’t wear the top, you will be become topless like cabrio California and when you have the top, you will be coupe California.
I do know this sound funny :) If a car company tries to sell a women swim suit, what types of comment can you make !!!
If you are planning to buy one, here it is for €75
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