A fashion statement from GQ UK

I have been reading GQ Magazine (UK Edition) for long time, and it is really well written and enjoying to read like a car magazine. Some people don’t have any idea about this magazine and in briefly; if you want to develop your intellectual level you should read it :)
And I like their comments on different things! Sometimes you never expect to read anything like this or never imagined that thought but they did it. In February, 2011 issue has something really interesting.
I am directly writing the phrase from the magazine;
“Any shoe made from read satin with a heel resembling a lethal weapon is a shoe her legs need to be attached to. Be warned though, these Gianmarco Lorenzi dazzlers will demand a taxi wherever they go. £590.
I mentioned this statement to my fashion blogger friend Moda Cadısı (Fashion Witch) and she just said, definitely true :)
But there is one point they missed to mention. If you hire a black cab in UK (I prefer for its spacious interior) you might be bearing the terrible back suspension made by leaf springs. Ladies, your feet will be comfortable but your back will feel the whole pot hole on road! If you are asking what is leaf spring? It is something designed to carry heavy weights, not human beings!! No comfort at all.
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GQ, Gianmarco Lorenzi