Women Driving Shoes from Jill Ciminillo

If you have noticed that, I am trying to highlight the issue which were mentioned on Google search. I can see the search queries which end up in my blog. And one of the serious issue is best driving shoes!

When you visit a department store, you can find hundreds of driving shoes in many different colours. If you check the internet for driving shoes, you can find millions of options with unlimited price range. If you check Twitter, you can find some and that would be the most eye-catching one.

I have been following Jill Ciminillo for long time. She is a car journalist in USA. And she is really lucky, from her twitter I can see that, she drove more cars than her shoes closet! For last couple of days, she was tweeting about Hyundai Sonata. This is my least favourite car on earth. I never drove it and I am not planning to drive it in near future. Even if I was so obsessed to drive it, it is really hard to find a Sonata in Europe.

Anyway Jill posted a picture today on her twitter, which was something usual but the content was unusual. She posted her shoes, actually her driving shoes. Unfortunately, they were for ladies! They were not from Adidas, or Kurt Geiger or Nike. She told me that they were from a brand called Pelle with five inches of heels! Sounds weird for driving shoes but I told you, twitter is the solution for complicated answers :) And after her twitter picture, we finally have the best female driving shoes :)

If you are female and looking for a driving shoes, here they are :) And Sonata does not look that bad!

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