Smart Fascinated by Maybach

You might have heard that Maybach brand will not be produced in future but Mercedes will offer Maybach brand as an optional upgrade on their vehicle range, which is planned to be similar to AMG. You will buy an S Class and you will have the AMG or Maybach options. Maybach option will boost the luxury and probably offer additional customisation. As I mentioned in my previous posts, it sounds a really good business model and many customer would be happy to have Maybach luxury without paying Maybach price!
On the other hand, there is one more option available for Mercedes. That is the Smart Maybach. Now, Aston Martin has Cygnet, Rolls Royce has Mini by Goodwood and Mercedes left alone. Actually, Mercedes loves to introduce competitor vehicles at any condition. After this small luxury revolution, I want to see a Maybach based Smart car. It would be a great alternative on market and can increase the sales of the Smart. Many people would buy it because it has a Maybach logo and ├╝ber luxury. If anyone in Mercedes HQ at Stuttgart is reading this, please consider Smart Maybach vehicle! And can be named as Smart Fascinated by Maybach.
This new market is going to make lots of money is next decade. Small and luxury! Many people want to experience, even when they drive a small car.

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