Poor Mercedes 500 SL

I recently saw this poor 1988 model Mercedes 500 SL. I am saying poor because, this iconic car’s left window is covered with nylon bag and duct tape. As you can imagine, the owner is quite poor as well. How I know this! If you someone buys a 24 years old 5-lt V8 petrol powered SL and covers the missing driver window with nylon bag; I can assume one thing. Owner of this car loves Mercedes SL but, it is out of the budge. So, the best solution is to buy an old one.
Sounds like a good idea but does not work with when you have a problem. Even though, the car is 24 years old, Mercedes service is very fresh to charge you bills with lots of zeros. So, if you are planning to buy a car cheaper than an iPhone, just consider the service as well.
Whenever I see this car, I always remember the first time I saw this on the cover of Auto-Motor-und-Sport 1989 annual issue! It was on the cover. Time is passing so quickly.