BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Today I would like to share the dark part of the BMW, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Unlike Porsche Design, DesignworksUSA is not that popular, it did not become a part of the popular culture. Many people became aware of DesignworksUSA, when the Chris Bangle was moved to this company after stopped designing cars.
Unfortunately, DesignworksUSA is not like Porsche Design, they don’t have a wide range of products. They are more concentrated on industrial design, and collaborated many different brands such as; Intel, Adidas, HP, Nokia, Deutsche Bahn.
There are two design from BMW DesignworksUSA! A 12-foot pedestrian light and Lo-Glo, a 3-foot pathway light, feature LED cartridge and a Thermaltake computer mouse.