Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus is finally revealed in China. We have been waiting for ages. When will Lamborghini reveal the new SUV or is it just a gossip. According to released photos, it looks like a Mars Explorer vehicle that will be sent next year to Mars to explore new sites. Especially asymmetric reminded me the Mars Explorer from 1997! Also, this asymmetric design promises one more thing; no rear view.
Anyway, Mars explorer inspired Lamborghini Urus features new elements to SUV market. Such as rear diffuser, a tailgate mounted spoiler (I suspect it will be moving up and down). It will be powered by 600 PS engine with double clutch auto gearbox. As I know none of the big size SUV offers double clutch gearbox and Urus will be the first one.
Lamborghini estimates 3000 sales per year and I am sure they will achieve it easily! I don’t think it will share the same fate with the too early SUV, LM002!

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