Mercedes CLA from Istanbul for #PinItForwardUK

Mercedes CLA, the tiny CLS! I know this does not sound fair but CLA is the smaller size version of the legendary CLS. Despite this resemblance, CLA did manage to create its own group of fans!

CLA is based on the new Mercedes A-Class, they share the same platform. Therefore, CLA is a front-wheel drive car. Unlike the CLS, you will experience relatively more under steer than you expected in a Mercedes. My personal opinion with front-wheel drive is not associated with sympathetic thoughts. But we cannot forget the manufacturing cost of rear-wheel drive and its hunger for fuel for smaller size engines. When you add these items into equation  front-wheel drive is a plausible solution, which I really don’t appreciate that much.

Never mind, you won’t be disappointed with the CLA. It does look way different than the A-Class, there is no true competitor of CLA and you will be quite unique. And CLA is relatively lowered priced than the CLS!

Here some photos from Mercedes-Benz Turkey, during the Istanbul Fashion Show! This post is for #PinItForwardUK







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Mercedes-Benz Turkey