Photos of the New MINI: Third Generation: The Biggest Gadget

Photos of the New MINI is here, according to BMW third generation MINI is made from scratch. However, it doesn’t seem so. I still see the major design clues from the first generation MINI designed by Frank Stephenson. Honestly, it is impossible to change the design philosophy of a car like MINI in one day!
The third generation MINI is larger and bigger than the previous models and contradicts with MINI! 98mm longer, 44mm wider, 7mm higher! Thus larger interior cabin and bigger boot!
However, the innovations are not limited with the extended size! Now MINI is available with all BMW technologies! Keyless access, active radar guided cruise control, emergency slides, pedestrian detection, road sign detection, automatic parking, head-up display, ejection seat, adaptive suspensions and lots more. And you have lots of apps to install to your onboard entertainment system. Literally, the new MINI is a proper rival to iPhone5S and Samsung Galaxy S4!
There are three new engines, 1.5-lt 3-cylinder petrol engine with 134 HP with 170 Nm of torque. 1.5-lt 3-cylinder diesel engine with 114 HP with 270 Nm of torque. 2-lt petrol engine with 192 HP and 280 Nm of torque. All the engines have turbo otherwise, they cannot produce these amounts of power! Actually, the previous Cooper S has 1.6-lt engine and now BMW shifted to 2-lt petrol engine. That’s not impressive. Bigger engine means heavy nose, heavy nose means tendency to understeer, tendency to understeer means, why I should buy this car instead of Fiat 500!
Unfortunately, there is a six-speed manual pointless gearbox, just avoid it. And you can have the new MINI with state-of-art six-speed automatic or sport automatic gearboxes.
Now the MINI is packed up with all BMW technologies. This is a part of the BMW’s strategy. They extend their safety and driving technologies across their brands from MINI to Rolls Royce. Thus, they increase the competitive power of their products and that’s correct. Now the MINI is the best small car on the market. None of the competitors can offer these technologies inside a small car. Many people like me would go for the MINI for its toys.
But the said thing is, people never order their cars with high tech safety and driving technologies. They only order the with plain features. If you ask them, they have the latest model with manual air condition. And I assume we will see the same scenery with the new MINI. But I have big hopes for fully loaded MINIs to go around. If I can buy one, you will see the most sophisticated gadget on wheels :D
Price? Of course expensive an like iPhone :)

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