Jimmy Choo Neyo

It is summer, and August is the perfect time to enjoy the heat from top to bottom. When I say enjoy the heat, I mean you could be searching for a pair of trendy high-heeled mules for your summer holidays. Not looking for a pair of thigh high boots for your Spanish holiday. You are after something sexy, comfortable and impressive. Hopefully, I have just found the solution for you.

Jimmy Choo Neyo sandals perfectly tick all the boxes in terms of what you are looking for! They are not the average high-heeled wedge sandals that create the impression that you can’t wear proper heels. They are unique! Jimmy Choo was inspired by architectural design when designing the Neyo sandals. The architectural touch is in the cut-out section. They call it cut-out, I call it the bridge because you can see this detail on a Ferrari f12 for aerodynamic reasons. I love this type of detail.  It changes the aura of the product with only the smallest of touches.

Neyo sandals are probably the best way to enjoy the sun during these hot days and also leave an exquisite shadow no matter where you go during your summer holidays.

Jimmy Choo Neyo Sandals Jimmy Choo Neyo Sandals Jimmy Choo Neyo Sandals

Photo Credit | Jimmy Choo