The Best Red Soles: Christian Louboutin Suola Kate and Suola So Kate

Update! Christian Louboutin offers Soula So Kate 120mm in their online US store. The same design with higher heels. Unfortunately, Soula So Kate is not available Europe and I don’t know why. 

I have great news! Christian Louboutin decided to paint the inner sole of their Soula Kate 100mm heels. The heels now have red rhinestone soles. I have no clue how they will stay intact!

Anyway, let’s start. The heels’ design is based on the iconic So Kate 120 mm heels. So Kate heels are named after Kate Moss, so I have no clue how this happened. As I had shoe designer clients in the past, I know that 120 mm heels are not that comfy or popular. Buyers may therefore not order them as much as expected. However, a small revision in heels height can frame the So Kate heels as the perfect pair to own.

And they did it, they just made the heels a little shorter and painted the inner soles in red. That’s nice! I have never seen a pair of heels or shoes with red inner soles. Let me guess what you’re thinking: will it paint my feet? I hope not. Since the Christian Louboutin is a luxury brand and has extensive knowledge in shoemaking, I don’t think you’ll end up with red feet. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Now, these heels created a new problem: how to show off your red inner soles. You will be showing off the red rhinestones, but the magic doesn’t stop there! New design, new challenges.

By the way, these heels are limited to 25 pairs and only available online. If you visited this page in 2025, it is too late :(

And the price is £2145!

Suola Kate 100mm

Suola So Kate 120mm

Suola Kate 100mm

Suola So Kate 120mm

Photo Credit // Christian Louboutin + Vassilis Karidis