End of Audi TT (1998 – 2023)

The Audi TT has been discontinued as Audi decided to halt its production after 25 years. To be honest, I’m not surprised; these days, people seem to prefer any type of SUV, making sports cars like the TT too niche. The shift in demand from sports cars to SUVs has ultimately led to the end of the Audi TT era. Once a design icon in 1998, desired by millions, it now appears that no one wants one.

Personally, I was only a fan of the first-generation Audi TT without the spoiler, losing interest after that. While the Audi TT became an alternative to the Porsche Cayman or Boxster, it’s not a Porsche, so I find myself tempted by a Porsche over a TT.

Returning to the first generation of the Audi TT, with and without the spoiler, in short, there was a tendency for loss of control over 180 km/h due to aerodynamic issues. This led to accidents where cars would fly and harshly land. However, this landing was not like your landing in Ibiza; it was harsh. Audi addressed this by installing a bizarre spoiler, making ESP standard, and improving suspensions.

The second and third generations (the current one) were impressive cars, featuring the Quattro all-wheel-drive system with an understeer tendency. The second generation even had a diesel engine, reflecting the peak of the diesel fetish in the automotive industry during the early 2010s. Companies were eager to put diesel engines in anything with four wheels. They probably considered diesel-powered baby strollers. This trend led to the creation of the Audi TT diesel, but I strongly advise against purchasing a used diesel TT.

Over the years, the Audi TT evolved, leaving competitors like the Mercedes-Benz SLK (now SLC) and making the BMW Z4 seemingly invisible. Porsche enthusiasts, however, remained loyal to the brand and didn’t opt for an Audi. Sadly, we won’t be seeing any new TTs on the streets in the near future. Instead, the roads will be filled with more and more SUVs. Perhaps we’ll even witness the birth of an Audi Q TT? Sounds like the beginning of a quirky automotive love story!

Photos // Mine and Audi UK