Audi S6 Avant from London

Audi S6 Avant. Avant means estate and estate means boring, thus Audi S6 is boring according to this assumption. But this is a theoretical assumption that does not represent the real world condition. Audi S6 Avant is not boring and it is an estate. This is a real contradiction when we talk about the super fast cars and their boot capacity.

Last week, I had chance to see the Audi S6 Avant at Audi’s newest London dealer. S6 Avant does not look boring or designed only for families. It does have a different type of charm despite its enormous boots space. If I had chance, I would definitely bought this S6 Avant right away.

The dynamic design of the Audi S6 hinders the dullness of the estate car. And you just ignore that ugly huge boot space. Also the interior quality of the S6 is class leading. Thanks to know-how transfer from Bentley for craftsmanship, Audi S6 offers the most precise interior on its segment. The materials, the stiffness of the knobs while turning and the sounds of the button clicks are the signals of the quality. These things do not change your driving experience but improves your experience inside the vehicle and represent the production quality.

Also, I cannot ignore the Google Maps navigation! It is Google Maps, we all know that it is the best navigation software on the market. And also the user interface is very easy to use and you don’t get lost. However, the pixel density of the navigation screen is not close enough to Apple’s Retina Display technology. I hope they will improve this.

Audi S6 Avant is powered by 4-lt TFSI petrol engine with 420 HP and 550 Nm of torque. Engine is coupled with 7-speed S-Tronic automatic gearbox. S6 Avant only needs 4.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h with the top speed of 250 km/h.


Audi S6 Super Bowl Commercial with Three Ending. Audi S6 Boy vs. Prom King (aka Stifler from American Pie)

Super Bowl 2013 is coming, and Audi released their commercial for the event with Audi S6. Actually, Audi released three different ends (Tradition, Buddies, and Worth It) for the commercial each of them is one minutes and still aired in US channels. 
The story of Audi S6 commercial is; a high school boy will attend prom night (I have no idea what is that) and his father gives the keys of his Audi S6. Then the boy, goes to prom night and looks for prom queen and kisses her. After that the big boy, prom king or whatever runs after him. As the prom king is psychically larger and lack of predicting the consequences in future, he beats up the Audi S6 boy.
There are three ends for the Audi S6’s Super Bowl commercial. The first one (Tradition) is he is beaten up and heading back to home and the camera focuses on a photograph, his father did the same and the prom queen is her mother. Second end is (Buddies), he drives the Audi S6 again but with his friends and they were all excited. Honestly this ends sounds too boring. And the third end is (Worth It), he drives the Audi S6 again and shouts! 
I think the romantic end and shouting end will be head to head.
My opinion, Audi S6 boy will eventually become very rich by making an iPhone application called miinstagram in future and the big boy aka Stifler from American Pie will not have a fancy life! And we all know that, those big boys do not end as big boy in the life. Because, muscles do not work in real life. So the prom queen should prefer the Audi S6 boy.
Support the Audi S6 boy from Twitter by #BraveryWins
Audi S6 is powered by a twin-turbo 4-lt petrol engine with 420 HP and 550 Nm of torque. And this engine also features in Bentley Continental V8 models. S6 accelerates to 100 km/h in 4,6 seconds and top speed is limited to 250 km/h. However, limited top speed hinders the bravery! Audi should remove the top speed limiter for bravery :)

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