Charlotte McKinney The Nurse | Sexy Nurse

Charlotte McKinney is a sexy nurse! Charlotte is well-known for her curvy body and her appearance in the Carl’s JR advertisement during the Super Bowl!

And also for her body’s incredible similarity to Kate Upton’s. This probably helped Charlotte to become a phenomenon. And now she is ready to cure your fear of hospitals!

Charlotte McKinney The Nurse Charlotte McKinney The Nurse Charlotte McKinney The Nurse Charlotte McKinney The Nurse with High Heels

Photography by Jacob DeKa | Creative Direction by Prince Chenoa

Styist: Marc Sifuentes | Hair: Lizzie Arneson | Make Up: Michael Anthony


Greek Singer Katerina Stikoudi Loves Twitter Followers

The sexy Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi recently mentioned that she loves her Twitter followers by a photo on her Twitter. And there is nothing wrong with this. So, why I am writing this here?

Let me explain very simply! Stikoudi took a lipstick and wrote “I love my Twitter follower” on her chest, actually very close to her boobs. As a result of epic and sexy photo, I decided to share this fantastic moment with you.

By the way, she knows that I wrote this blog post :)

In future, we would like to see Stikoudi doing Cat Daddy ;) And Stikoudi needs a verification for her Twitter account ;)

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Katerina Stikoudi

Pamela Anderson at Wheel Fortune

Pamela Anderson at Wheel Fortune. I am sure you know Pamela Anderson and please don’t say that, she is not in her 20s etc, etc. Regardless of her age, she is legend and everyone knows this. And also this legend not only comes from her life rescue skills from Bay Watch TV series. It is coming from her silicone boobs!

And few years ago Comedy Central created a fantastic scenario. Pamela Anderson at Wheel Fortune and trying to roll the wheel :D

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Impressions of Women for the New Mercedes S-Class | Fake Breasts and Seatbelts with Airbags

New Mercedes S-Class and silicone boobs or fake breasts. Actually, two women’s reaction to seatbelts with airbags during the peoples’ reaction to new S-Class video by fünfkommasech site.

Definitely these are the two contradiction topics, first of all +Mercedes-Benz  S-Class is a very conservative car, even they play classic music during the press launch. And silicone boobs (fake breasts) are silicone, we all know what they are and classic music does not with that. However, world is changing and you may hear silicone boobs at Mercedes’s footage.

Mercedes recently did a public event at Toronto, Canada and let people experience the new S-Class. Literally, couple of successful business and two women, one of them has silicone boobs. Basically, designer team of the new S-Class drove people around the streets of Toronto and explained the das neu features of the S-Class. Like, seatbelts with airbags.

Seatbelts with airbags excited one of the passenger and she regret to have silicone boobs for $12000 and use them as airbags. Instead, she could have the new S-Class and won’t have the silicone boobs act as an airbag.

It is definitely the best Mercedes S-Class footage on internet :) Despite this fun content, sorry but the S-Class is still boring! Go for the new Bentley Flying Spur but you may need silicone boobs as airbags, for some people

And the best part is, “this is cash cab” sentence! Yes, someone decided to turn the new Mercedes S-Class into a taxi and employ the drivers from the Mercedes head office.

Girls, you have great potential on YouTube. I want to see more videos with you :)

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